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The MomentEM Productions is all about telling a compelling story, creating an emotion impact with your audience and capturing moments on screen that people won't forget. 

The best way we help our clients is by firstly, asking a series of questions making sure we get on the same page in terms of vision and budget. From there, we come up with a schedule and plan to execute it effectively. Every detail counts when making a commercial for your business. We want to make sure we get all of the details and info just right!

We work with a wide array of budgets for your business commercial needs. 

We'd love to help you create a fun and unique commercial that will help you stand out from your competition.


Encino Lady is a new non-alcoholic premium cocktail mixer made with real juice and only 20 calories.

asum Bags

A sculpted bag collection that elevates your wardrobe & inspires creative living. Elevated canvas leather bags.


KIQ stands for Kinetic IQ and is a new energy drink in the market.

My Survivor Village

My Survivor Village seeks to unite, inspire and educate women all over the world in the hope of helping them to discover the transformative power of the cancer journey. 

Christian ani

Relentless, determined, consistent, and the product of hard work. Christian Ani is a high profile athletic trainer, actor and model.