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    Emily Aguilar is an award-winning film director in Los Angeles known for creating emotional impact for her audience in commercial productions and narrative films. She is the director and producer of The MomentEM Productions, which has produced dozens of engaging commercials, films and online video content. 

    Emily has directed and produced three feature films. Her first feature, "Clara's Ultimate Christmas", will be released this Christmas 2018 through the Dove Channel. Her second feature, "Pipeline", a horror feature film, just completed post production and will be submitted to various film festivals. Emily just completed production for her third feature film, "Brie's Bake Off Challenge" and is now in post production.

    She is founder of the 5th annual Global Impact Film Festival held at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC every August that showcases social justice themed short films from all around the world that provoke and inspire social change.

    Emily was recently featured on the Spotlight on Screenwriters book for her feature films "Clara's Ultimate Christmas" and "Pipeline". Emily’s alma mater recognized her work amongst hundreds of filmmakers in the 2016- 2017 cohort for the SFTV/ Film Independent Incubator Lab Program for her work, My Brothers War, to be released January 2019.

    A Washington DC native of Latino heritage, she has a competitive edge who aims to provoke, educate and inspire her audience in both her creative and commercial productions. Emily is developing her fourth feature film.

    Follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram @themomentEM.

    Emily Aguilar on the set of Reminiscence. Follow her @themomentem or #filmdirector

    Emily Aguilar on the set of Reminiscence. Follow her @themomentem or #filmdirector